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Visit the Caboose720 Station Ave. Langford

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About MorningStar Coffee Roasting Company

     MorningStar Coffee Roasting Company, founded by Albert in 2019 all started with a 1907 vintage Jabez Burns double barrel roaster in a friends workshop by the picturesque Kinsol Trestle in Shawnigan Lake. With a deep passion for coffee, Albert and has made it his mission to bring the best to his customers.


     MorningStar's primary focus is sourcing exceptional, high-scoring specialty coffee beans that are not only of the finest quality but also farmer traceable. The magic truly happens in the cozy roastery, where each batch is roasted with precision and care.


     What sets MorningStar apart is the unique approach to roasting, in operation are both fluid bed and drum roasting capabilities. This duality provides Morningstar the option to explore the endless possibilities of flavor profiles for each bean, employing different roasting techniques to uncover the full potential of every coffee variety on offer.


     At MorningStar, every cup is a journey of taste, quality, and the dedication of passion.

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