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COSTA RICA West Valley V&G Estate
Costa Rica, Alajuela, Naranjo, San Juanillo

Elevation: 1500M

Process: Natural (H17)

Dried: sun dried on raised beds at Patalillo

Varietals: Marsellesa (new hybrid)

Farm Name: Finca V&G San Juanillo


Owner: Tomas Gutierrez and Allan Vargas

Farm Manager: Guillermo López


Natural: Balanced, jammy body, cherry, lemon, juicy, light floral, chocolate, natural flavors, stone fruit.


     Finca V&G (Vargas and Gutierrez) San Juanillo is the brainchild of an agronomist (Tomas Gutierrez) and an industrial engineer (Allan Vargas), who shared a vision for this 4 hectare farm in San Juanillo, Naranjo when they bought it in 2007.

     The initial focus has been on experimentation with hybrid varieties that have been developed by CiCafe (coffee research institute of Costa Rica). These hybrids look to take the best qualities from different varieties; improving cup quality, yield, and resistance to disease.

Costa Rica West Valley V&G Estate Natural MARSELLESA

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