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Chochajau - Atitlan, Guatemala

Chochajau - Atitlan, Guatemala

Organic Guatemala, Atitlan - Chochajau 
1600M ​

Fully washed, sun dried on patio
Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai & Typica

 This coffee was cultivated near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala's highlands. This lot came from Cerro Lancandon Chochajau, a farm operation that cultivates over 33 hectares with 27 producers contributing to the farm.​


The lake is surrounded by 12 indigenous villages, inhabited by predominantly Kakchiquel and Tz’utujil.

Its location at 1,600 Meters above sea level and proximity to the equator provides a year-round, spring-like climate. It is often called the “Land of Eternal Spring” for its exceptional weather.


There are 22 distinctive linguistic groups, not dialects but completely different languages that are spoken around the lake.​


Cupping notes: floral aroma, pleasing acidity, big body, milk chocolate, butterscotch and grape.